The Skin you’re in

Ladies and gentleman, I am beyond excited to share this post with everyone!! When the Covid-19 Pandemic started, it put a spotlight on what we consider to be essential. Many companies had to buckle down and weather the ever raging storm known as our economy and many business suffered. But not all. Even in the […]

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Don’t Blink

Whoever said that “Life comes at you fast” wasn’t lying. In fact, the older I get the quicker it seems to go. I have so much going on and I’m just trying to remain present while productive. But, I will say that this “so much” is a good much. Work has been great. Still earning […]

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My grandfather had a saying about the many gripes of getting older; “Keep going to bed at night and getting up in the morning” and while it’s not hard to get, it in no way gives the full description of all the weird aches, pains and crazy shit that happens to you as you get […]

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Happy New Year?!

Well, when I initially started to write this post I had planned on giving a detailed look into the past few months and how I celebrated the holidays with my kids. But only a few days in and the energy I had has totally shifted. And the recent attack on our Nations Capitol has everyone […]

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Seat belt

The way this year has been going in it’s absolute audaciousness and insanity, we should have worn seat belts. And helmets cause WTF??! Since I published my last post my world has been flipped upside down and I’m barely hanging on but it’s not totally a bad thing. Just riding the tides of change in […]

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Hairy situations

I’ve been natural for about 8 years now. Natural means having no chemicals in it to alter the natural pattern and texture of your hair. I used to get chemical relaxers when I was younger when my mother could no longer wrestle my hair for 5 hours out of the day, with me crying no-less. […]

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Planning vs Pandemic

As the summer days wind down I look forward to our Fall here in South Florida. With all of the changes going on these days, I want to at least have some sort of normalcy with the children. This summer wasn’t a complete wash and we were able to go to the park a few […]

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Consistency is Keke

Look, If I’m going to be doing this here “blogging” thing, then I need to be consistent! I need to be held accountable. I need to be damn near harassed into submission. Not really, but on this journey and in this very new chapter I have to begin building and implementing new routines so I […]

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Self Sabotage

I said I would get back into it. I said I wouldn’t let anything deter me or distract me. I was going to set a schedule, I felt reinvigorated. I was excited! And still I managed to do what I always do, to myself, more than anyone else. I talked myself out of it. Questioned […]

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Starting Over

I feel like I got to class late and I walked in and everyone is staring at me. I feel vulnerable and also, exposed. It’s been a long long time since I’ve written anything but now, I feel like I’m ready to come back to me. Ready to try again. To start over. So here […]

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